47:365. winter returns

It started snowing last night after some amazing winds all day yesterday. We probably only got about 3 inches total here on the valley floor. But it is nice to have winter back.
The only bad part, this weather may have us canceling our plans for the long weekend. Camping in the rain just doesn’t sound like fun, nor does driving over a snowy pass.
I have a few ideas to make it fun though here at home…

We are snuggled in and warm inside. O is clomping around downstairs, “racing cars”. Which translates into lining up all his match box cars (or anything with wheels really) either in the kitchen or on the couch. And Daddy-O is watching Rockford Files. I don’t get why he loves that show, but he does. Must be the cheesy 70’sness of it all.

Here is a scene from tonight after dinner… I love watching Daddy-O play with the girl. She fell asleep right when she got home for an hour and then was all off schedule tonight for going down. She has me wondering if she isn’t getting teeth or on the verge of a big milestone (sitting up maybe?).
Hope you are warm and cozy tonight.

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  1. Ani February 17, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    Heh, I love the Rockford Files too. Reminds me of my childhood!


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