43:365, play room prayer flags

it was so nice out this weekend.
I was able to open the windows in the house and air things out a bit.
the prayer flags got to blow in the wind a little bit, sending out their prayers.
I like to imagine these prayer flags in the play room send out prayers to all those adults who have forgotten how to play, and to all the kids who need it too.
Other scenes from the playroom included….
(he got a haircut! Thanks D., he looks so cute)
making her laugh
who's the happiest baby on the block?

There was also some beer bottling

brewer boys


A little bon-fire

some brownie making

and other yummy things
pb, b and h sando

Good thing for a nice long walk today with a 15lb baby strapped to my back!! Such a great mix of relaxation, play and a few chores mixed in there for good measure. I am almost ready to go back to work, almost…

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