39:365, high five!

She’s five months old today.
Fifi is such a smiley baby. O smiled and giggled, but she really does smile with her entire body. Over the past week or so she has started squawking like crazy. In a way
really loud, screech. I am often not sure if they are joyful or angry. But when I look over she is happy as a clam.. I suppose she is finding her voice, and in the house, it better be loud and proud if she wants to be heard.
She turns into a complete giggle box any time her bro walks within sight. Not just a little giggle but a giggle with a snort sometimes even. He makes her moment and I love that. O has been really sweet to her lately. He has been sharing toys and asking to have her in the same room as him, “J wants to play basketball with me” or “J wants to play trains”. He even gets upset if I come in the room and take her attention away from him. Last night I heard him singing to her and then patting her saying, “I love you”. Gah!! make my heart melt into a puddle why don’t you!

She has been trying really hard to master the back to bell roll. She can do it, but just not every time she wants, darn it those arms get in the way. She can however rotate herself around on her back. I put her facing one direction and look back to find her feet where her head was when I walked away. She has found her feet and I often see her laying on her back with at least one foot in her hand and if she is sitting in your lap and can see her toes she is all about grabbing and figuring them out.
She loves the bouncer and is even getting in a few bounce and swing movements. At dinner time, if she is still awake, she loves to sit in the bumbo (on the table, don’t worry we never walk away from here while she is up there and usually have at least one hand on her at all times) while we eat dinner. She thinks it’s hysterical. I am thinking about testing out some rice cereal soon. She is so interested in what we are doing when we eat or drink that I think she is ready.
Girl has a grip like no other. I might have to re-think my jewelry soon since hoop earrings are just asking to be pulled out and watch out if you have long hair because if she spots it your are in for a good tugging.
We are a little off track with sleep due to colds that have been flying around the house, but I am confident we will get back on the one to none wake ups like before. Such a different baby than her bro in this respect. I don’t quite know how I was dealing last time around!

I love watching her figure out the world around her and how she is melting a spot right into this family, as if she has always been here (which really, she has).
gawd, I love her!

2 Comments 39:365, high five!

  1. kyndale_pease February 9, 2011 at 7:27 am

    Time flies! She looks so much like her brother!

  2. likeschocolate February 10, 2011 at 4:08 am

    She is adorable. Is that Hannah Anderson clothing?


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