Mobile Monday – Out and About in Tacoma

We are truly tourist in our own city right now. Checking out little hot spots to eat, drink, and play. Everything is new and I am seeing light and shadow, shapes and colors a little bit different then I might have back in Reno, where I was comfortable and used to the surroundings. I am also spotting tons of places that I want to have a photo shoot at, there are so many great spots to explore!

Although this month has given the area record amounts of rain, it’s not all grey and blah. When the sun comes out, it is incredibly pretty.

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Morning sunshine from the kitchen window.
#sunset on Sixth #tacoma #tacomalife #pnw #upperleftusa
Setting sun along 6th Ave

We are surrounded by the water of the Puget Sound. There are lots of places for the kids overturn rocks and discover treasures like sea glass, shells, or crabs. There are also plenty of things to admire out of the water too. Like the awesome Narrows Bridge, or our new furry friend Rosie.

Point of View
Rosie at Chambers Bay

As I mentioned in another post, the flowers are incredible right now. They are pretty on the ground, as well as in the trees.

Pedal power - #spring #pnw #upperleftusa #tacoma #tacomalife #momentswithfifi #fromwhereistand
Happy feet at the local library
Magnolia trees along my walking route

With all those petals and water, there are also many birds to be seen.  We actually do get to watch a real hummingbird that comes to visit the feeder on the back deck, so when Fifi and I spotted this stencil we had to take a photo!

Robin on a wire
Humming along downtown

Nature isn’t all we have been exploring.  Over the weekend we did a bit of wandering around in downtown Tacoma. I can’t resist a window fun sign or classic barber chairs for that matter.

Barbershop classics
Get them all cut!

As I get settled into this new city and new market, I will be posting more sessions. Until then I am going to have fun sharing all of our adventures! I am enjoying the time to play and learn a little bit more about my gear. That said, I am itching to test some of my recent inspiration on people other than my family, who are a tad bit over my camera in their face all the time.  If you have family or friends in the Pacific Northwest, please spread the word.  I can’t wait to get shooting professionally  again!

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  1. ani April 9, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    So much to love here. The drops on the window at sunrise, the magnolia, the funny little sign…sigh.


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