little moments

Earlier... #momentswitho
he’s getting big. it blows me away that he came from me… 
I love watching him play and explore.
Team work at the smile shop!
Team work at the Smile shop.
I am glad he wants to be a dentist when he grows up, because she was scared to get up in that big old chair alone…
Post shower silly attack
silly. silly. silly
Orange ya glad?! #momentswithfifi
she is here to make us laugh. truly.
She is also a move and a shaker.
Swimming lessons.
Swim lesson every Wednesday.
Followed by beautiful nap times.
yoga and post yoga coffee dates with my old coworkers-
who came to my class and made me feel pretty stinking supported on this journey.
Coffee and convo.
blue skies and open windows
It can only get better from here, right? #morning #fromwhereistand #beansandglasseverywhere
clumsy mornings where I spill the beans, literally.
Today's #work.
A lap and a heart that is full.

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