Teaching Her How

It’s no secret with my family that I love to make chocolate chip cookies.
And, I make a pretty mean one if I do say so myself. I have memories of making this same recipe with my mom when I was about three years old, the same age the Fifi is now. She has been more and more interested in helping in the kitchen lately and I am trying to have the patience and the time to let her learn what we are up to in there. I have been working in counting and having her get things from the cupboard.
One of the best parts about making cookies is licking the spoon.

Today I let her help me, and save for that one egg that was cracked and dropped on the table instead of the bowl, she did pretty darn well.

Of course, I think she might be in it more for the spoon licking at the end. I can’t really blame her though. By the way, this is the proper way to stand while eating cookie dough. In case you were wondering…


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