A Yoga Weekend at Camp Seymour | Washington Event Photography

A weekend away at camp. It was just like being a kid, only, we were thre to practice yoga all weekend. But there were some similarities to the old days of summer camp…FIP (3 of 85)There was time on the water.

FIP (54 of 85)Arts and crafts

FIP (4 of 85) FIP (5 of 85)


Exploring the outdoors, hiking, watching the sunset and searching for the stars in the dark.

FIP (65 of 85)There was playing with new friends in the grass.

FIP (77 of 85) FIP (48 of 85) FIP (41 of 85) FIP (35 of 85) FIP (25 of 85) FIP (81 of 85)But most of all, there was yoga, lots and lots of wonderful juicy, delicious yoga.

FIP (13 of 85)

A huge thank you to Rebeca, David and Amy for teaching, sharing and helping us explore our practice.

FIP (1 of 1)

Om shanti, shanti, om

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