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Port Townsend Wedding

At the end of last summer, I was asked by the talented Sarah Postma to join her in photographing a wedding. I was thrilled. Sarah is a talent and to have her ask me to work along side her is an honor.  The drive to Port Townsend, Washington was beautiful. What a sweet little city.

I filled up on coffee and some lunch, then headed up to the house where everyone was getting ready for the big day. I don’t use the word, “big” lightly here. This wedding was one of the most amazing, heartfelt, emotional, and love FILLED I have ever been a part of. These women, their love- it was pure and true. Seeing the tears of joy, the laughter – even 6 months later I can’t help but get a full heart looking at these images.  Thank you again to Sarah for having me second shoot with you last summer, let’s do it again soon!

Now, I bring you the amazing wedding of Kirstin & Patricia!

p1163831562-6PatriciaKirstenWedding_0789p1163815951-6PatriciaKirstenWedding_0373PatriciaKirstenWedding_1189PatriciaKirstenWedding_0366PatriciaKirstenWedding_0957p1163844237-6PatriciaKirstenWedding_1138p1163892973-6PatriciaKirstenWedding_1244Keep chasing that light, Vanessa


Troy and Jessica | Seattle Engagement Session

Oh wow, I have had the pleasure of photographing in some pretty amazing places. Last weekend I was able to add a new and pretty fantastic spot to my list. Originally, Jessica contacted me and mentioned cherry blossoms. Now, don’t get me wrong- those blossoms are incredible and they are everywhere this time of year. But then, she sent me a text saying, “What about Safeco Field?”. I probably squealed and did a happy dance of some sort or another, probably. Um, YES!JandT_Engage_Web (3 of 130)Saturday was warm and beautiful in Seattle, hardly a cloud could be found. It was 10:30am and the streets around the baseball stadium already buzzing with fans. I met Helen, our lovely tour guide and then in walked Jessica and Troy. The two of them a tad frazzled from the Seattle traffic (guys, what is UP with the traffic in this city?). We took a few deep breathes and the elevator up to the stadium.
JandT_Engage_Web (18 of 130)One thing I absolutely love about my job is I get to see couples in love. These two are SO in love. we toured around and then were let onto the field. We were allowed to get down in the dugout and play in the stands. What a beautiful day for an engagement session.
JandT_Engage_Web (90 of 130)Fun fact: Did you know they have radiant heated soil in the stadium? I don’t know if they really call it that or not but there are pipes running warm water to keep the green at an even and warm temperature all year long.
Yes_JandT_Engage_Web (39 of 130) Yes_JandT_Engage_Web (85 of 130)Jessica and Troy, thank you again for business, for your trust, and for being so darn adorable in your love for each other! Congratulations on your engagement, I can’t wait to see where your adventure leads you together.
Yes_JandT_Engage_Web (98 of 130)
JandT_Engage_Web (122 of 130)
Keep chasing that light, Vanessa

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love is everywhere. It has no boundaries, it shows up all around us – secret messages hoping to be read.

Love is beautiful and sweet.

When you see it, it will make you smile from deep down inside.

FIP (1 of 1)-13

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PatriciaKirstenWedding_0373FIP (2 of 5)-2

FIP (1 of 1)-18

Today, I challenge you to share YOUR love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh, and, by the way,

talk to the hand

A Few Favorites from 2014 | Focus In Photography

This year, wow. It’s been a big one. My family and I have had so many changes. Amazing changes, but big. We picked up and moved two states away from where my husband and I had lived for the majority of our lives. This meant a few things for me photographically, I had a whole new world to explore AND a new kind of light to learn. Harsh Nevada light is so incredibly different from the quiet light of the Pacific Northwest. I also had (have) a new market and set of clients. I am slowly networking and getting to know local Tacoma and Seattle photographers, as well as so many new people to photograph.

Today, I would like to share a few of my favorite images from the past year, these are just a handful of them.  Enjoy!


FIP (1 of 1)-76

FIP (1 of 1)-69

TinaWangFam_FIP (111 of 134)

emilydWeb (1 of 25)

Deaver0714 (41 of 67)


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KandC_webready (67 of 142)

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FIP_LauraJim (15 of 55)

Yoga (oh how I love photographing yogis and yoginis)

TacomaYoga (37 of 149)FIP (1 of 1)TacomaYoga (18 of 149)

Musicians, playing and playing

OffTractOneYear_FIP (92 of 160)

FIP (1 of 1)-72

Moments and Adventures

FIP (2 of 2)

FIP (42 of 75)

FIP (1 of 1)-71

 Film Photography

FIP (1 of 1)-74FIP (1 of 1)-75

And, finally, this beautiful skyline. I am so happy to call the Pacific Northwest home. I can’t wait to meet, photograph, and become even more a immersed in this community.

Let’s make something beautiful together in 2015!

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Laura and Jim | Reno, Nevada Wedding

Once upon a time, there were two people who met at a costume party in Reno, Nevada. They got engaged, and then, on a beautiful day in August, were married. I was lucky enough to be the photographer for their day.

FIP_LauraJim (42 of 55)Laura and Jim, your day was beautiful. Your party people were awesome, and I had an absolute fantastic time capturing all the joy of the day. I wish you both nothing but the best. Thank you again for trusting me with capturing the memories of your wedding!

FIP_LauraJim (1 of 55)

FIP_LauraJim (5 of 55)
FIP_LauraJim (1 of 3)-2

FIP_LauraJim (3 of 55)
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FIP_LauraJim (38 of 55)    FIP_LauraJim (27 of 55)

FIP_LauraJim (1 of 1)-2

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Venue: Lakeside Ranch Events Center
Bridal Accessories: hand made jewelery created by the bride
Makeup Artist: Britton Douglass
Hair Stylist: Elyse Modlin and The Outsiders
Florist: B & B Desings
Wedding Coordination: Candleight and Roses
Music/DJ: Sting Beings; Epik Entertainment
Caterer: Cherry Bomb Catering Inc.
Bakery: Chalene Lair, Grace Bake Shoppe

Wedding Wednesday | Behind The Scenes

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetTwo weekends ago I found myself shooting at the most amazing place. I was asked to second shoot a wedding outside of Denver, Colorado.  As we drove into the venue, I looked at the other photographer with my mouth wide open, this is where I get to work today? Rolling hills, big red barns, a camel or two, not to mention a most beautiful and fun bride and groom.FIP (1 of 3)-3Have you ever wondered what your wedding photographer(s) do to get ready for your big day? I mean, other than feed a camel named Chewie and ooh-ahh at the big fluffy clouds in the sky. They set each other up in spots where they want to pose you and your amazing bridal party and take tests shots.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

FIP (1 of 2)-2Holly is pretty much beautiful. Strike that, she is hands down gorgeous. She should be in-front of the camera, not hiding behind it… but then again, she has a mean eye and mad camera skills, so her clients might not like reading that. FIP (2 of 2)-2Holly, it was SUCH an honor to join you at this absolutely stunning wedding. I can’t wait to get through all the images we took and see them together in one place. I couldn’t have asked for a better co-worker or a more perfect location (unless of course, we would have moved the party to the Ren-fest, per our sandwich artist’s suggestions). Let’s do it all again real soon, because darn it, it was awesome.

Wedding Wednesday |Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer

Some of my favorite moments at weddings are during the reception. The vows have been shared, the kiss has sealed the deal, and now it’s time for the celebration! This particular wedding had such a great mix of young and old enjoying the day. As I watched these little dudes during the party, I couldn’t help but giggle. I could see their grownup versions hanging out and conspiring the next move on the dance floor.

FIP (2 of 4) FIP (3 of 4) FIP (4 of 4)

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa


*A huge thanks to Chris Werner for having me along for this amazing day at Lake Tahoe.

Wedding Wednesday – On Film

I almost always make a point to shoot a few images on film during my photo sessions. Weddings are no different, as a matter of fact, the magic of the day almost gauntness that I get something that instantly becomes a favorite.

Here are a couple of Polaroid photographs from last season’s weddings. Enjoy!

wedding (1 of 1)The lovely Alex heading to Chamber’s Landing, Lake Tahoe for her wedding ceremony.

wedding (1 of 1)-2Brian and Amy basking in their love and in the Lake Tahoe sunset.

Keep chasing the light, Vanessa


*Thanks to Corey Fox for having me along as second shooter for both of these beautiful weddings.