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Payton – Tacoma, Washington High School Senior

Payton is currently a senior at LCA here in Tacoma, Washington. He and his family also happens to be my neighbors down the street. He is hoping to study engineering next year when he heads off to college. But right now, he is busy playing football and looking forward to basketball season. For his photos we decided to head downtown to the UWT campus, then over to the 11th Street bridge and an industrial area. We also managed to squeeze in the last bits of an amazing, early fall sunset at Titlow Beach. Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0011 ShampSeniorSesh_FIPWebReady (37 of 139) Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0007Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0009 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0008Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0010 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0006 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0005 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0004 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0003 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0002 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0001Payton, thanks for putting up with my bad jokes during our session. Wishing you a great senior year of high school and all the best as your transition into college! Oh, and make sure to stick around long enough next year so you can heckle your brother during his senior photos- paybacks!!

All the best,