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Shake it Out | A Personal Photography Project

At the beginning of 2013 I was coming off from a year long self portrait challenge. One photo a day, taken with my Canon DSRL. I decided I would processed each of these images in black and white and pushed myself to stay on track with the goal  I wasn’t sure I could do another year of the same thing. It was a big accomplishment, but I needed something a little less time consuming, so I didn’t set any goals. That is until mid afternoon on January 1st, 2014. I felt really lost, like I had forgotten to do something really important. Had I combed my hair? Did I brush my teeth? Did I take a shower and eat breakfast? Then I realized, I hadn’t taken a photo yet. I picked up my iphone, opened the Hipstamtic App and shook the phone. If you aren’t familiar with the app, here is why I did that last part. When you shake the phone, it randomizes the film/lens/flash combo for the camera. The app doesn’t allow for the camera to flip, so I aimed as best I could and took a photo of myself, at arms length, blindly.

The next day I did it again, and then the next, and then the next. The hashtag, #shakeitout2014  was added and BOOM! I had my 2014 project for the year. I had others ask me what I was doing and would I mind if they join me? We were shaking it out all over instagram and it was awesome! It was pure magic to see the faces and film/lens combos that were popping up in my feed. I loved the randomization and the chance of each photo. Over time, I got better and better at knowing where to hold the phone to get my full face (if that’s what I was after), I found angles I loved. I found backgrounds I adored and that really worked for me. My original plan was to shoot in the same spot for the year, strangely enough, in my bathroom at the rental house. But then we moved, not once, but twice. So I had to adjust that plan and hunt down the light in the new places and spaces (which I actually loved doing!)

So here are a few favorites! ready, steady, GO!





The double exposures were pure magic. 70284

I used motion and blur360

I used props- hats are a favorite around here, but I like a good mask too.



I had others join me in the fun. Family and amazing friends. 318

Thank you to all of you who have followed along, cheered me on, been in the frame with me or who have commented or shared my project. I think the success lies in the fun I had all year long shaking it up and keeping it simple.

now? what to do for 2015?!!

Now You| A Gathering of Friends

FIP (42 of 75)

FIP (33 of 75)A year ago I participated in an online self portrait class. The class was for woman only, we would receive weekly prompts and then go for it by turning our lens on ourselves and remembering that we are enough, we are worth it and we will not erase ourselves from the family photo albums. I was doing a personal 365 self portrait challenge (one self portrait a day, using my DSLR (no iphone), for an entire year). I had taken a month long class created by the same instructors, and loved it. I figured the year long class would help give me inspiration during my personal project but, little did I know the tribe I would gain along the way. I can honestly say that I can go to almost any state in the United States and have a friend or a contact. I could also travel a good portion of Europe and do the same. It’s really amazing to know I have a literal web of friendships simply from one class where we were asked to be brave enough to take photos of ourselves.

FIP (38 of 75)

FIP (14 of 75)

FIP (1 of 75)

This spring, emails began to fly around the internets.  Would anyone be up for a meet-up? A retreat of sorts? That’s all it took, one of the woman has a family house in Manzanita, OR and we figured out a weekend that would work for a gang of us.  When you gather with a group of people that you haven’t met in person, it’s a huge leap. But one I was very excited to make.

FIP (51 of 75)

FIP (2 of 2)

These ladies had not only shared their self portrait journey with me and each other, but gave each other support and love through the screen. If you would have asked me 10 year ago if I would have virtual friends, I would have giggled. How can you connect with people simply by typing words? How can you make real friendships with people you only see in a static image on the screen? I am here to tell you that I feel incredibly connected to these woman. We might all be different ages and in different stages of our lives-marriages-child-rearing, but we have held space, giggled, cried and become true friends.

FIP (67 of 75)

2014 10 18_nowyoupnw_4639

FIP (69 of 75)

FIP (70 of 75)

We gather that energy into a sweet little house. We piled into the living room and squeezed into one tiny kitchen (because we are all moms and we all want to help cook or make sure the dishes are done, even if there isn’t enough space to do so). It was incredible. One of the gals just kept looking at us and saying, “I JUST WANT TO PINCH you all, I can’t believe we are here, in 3D”! I loved watching each of these woman behind their cameras and light up inside when doing so.

FIP (58 of 75)

FIP (29 of 75) FIP (24 of 75)FIP (11 of 75)

FIP (4 of 75)

I don’t really have all the words I want to be able to describe how important the weekend was to me. Since moving away from Reno I have felt a little lost without my lifelong friends nearby. I know it will take time to build friendships and roots here in Washington. But after getting together I feel the growth happening. Fours of them are just an hour or two away, and that helps so much.

2014 10 18_nowyoupnw_4665

Thank you each for being silly and wonderful ladies. Thank you to the creators of NowYou, Kristin and Meredith. And thank you to the 8 other woman who took a huge chance on the weekend and made it all happen.



wrapping wrapping
lazy first morning of winter break with the kids.
making goodies, in-law winning brownies to be exact.
just being.
ghosts of Christmas past
jingle all the way.
Christmas with family.
And now, on to the last week of the year!


November ends and we move into the last month of the year. It’s the home stretch for 2013’s 365 project and I have to say I have truly enjoyed the process and the exploration I have done with my camera. It’s been a pretty amazing year, let’s see what these last few weeks can do for me…
Gobble, gobble. Wobble wobble
Exposed, double
Making new friends jump with me. 
Kelly, we need to work on your timing, thhhhhpppp.
Also, don’t kill me for posting this picture.
Must be the weather, feeling the need to catch some air this week.
Late night, almost forgot to take a photo. but that always gives me a reason to play with lights and learn.
Snow! pretty, fluffy and cold



Home and comfy


One thing I really love about Reno is that I can be in the same city and yet, can easily find completely opposite worlds to set up a shoot.



Playing with light and dark.



Late night.


My favorite light in the house… of course it’s in the bathroom. ha!


morning light
late night, long drive
by the amazingly talented Alice Carrier
at the Ace lobby, waiting for our photo booth strip to develop
road rummy. post chips and jerky pit stop.
poppies and sage


Midtown alley art
Keeping cozy
Soooo tired…
Setting sun on an amazing day
A self portrait of a different kind- they are me, I am them.
Smiling, it’s a good thing.

From where I stand…