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When you are doing a 365, it is sometimes difficult to pick the photo you want to use for the day. Maybe you were totally on your creative game, the mojo was flowing and all the shots seem to be working the way you planned in your head.
I like those days, because there are definitely (more often then not) the days where you wonder if you even got even one good frame. Or, the moment at 11:59pm when you panic, sit up in bed and run to the camera’s LCD screen to make sure you actually remembered to hit the shutter button at all that day… (so far, so good on that one).
I have had some time today to go through the hard drive and clean up a bit of the mess that is out there. Sifting and sorting, I made the realization that my organizing was less then stellar or consistent a few weeks ago while trying to find and upload specific photos for Getty contribution.
Today was a day of major deleting (gasp!) of photos. I sometimes freak when I hit the delete key, but I also know that there a lot of photographs I will never every use and are hogging space.
What I really like about doing this house cleaning? Is that there are those shots that catch your eye. The photos that, once you have given yourself time and space from them, actually do talk to you after all.
No, they holler and scream like my 2.5 year old, and need my attention. So today, I give them that- and a little showcase of their own.

set it free

let it go,
release it,
trust what you don’t need, can be let  go
trust what you need, will come to you.
Yesterday, I let go. 
I took a huge leap and made a change. 
I will share more soon.
Let it go
In the mean time, thank you.
all for your 
and support in this 
beautiful thing called