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Language and Song

It has been a busy week of blogging for me, it might not seem like it since this space has been very quiet, but I am sharing thoughts and photos elsewhere and it’s pretty wonderful.  Want to hear my take on how song (this month’s theme on Our Collective)? Click over and have a read.

CCM (6 of 73)

How about the language of summer time? I have a sweet little poem and set of polaroids to share with you today on Mortal Muses. Simpson-fading-1

Another installment of 2pm images went live on Sunday over on The Hours.

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And get ready, because I have some awesome blogs in the works. Wedding, family and an adorable couple. You are going to want to keep up, so stay tuned!


Keep chasing that light,  Vanessa

Getting Shot

Thinking about it, this should have been my first post in this series. This is the post where I finally share some of the crazy-fun women I met while while in San Francisco….


After hugs were given and real names were replaced by our online handles, we got straight to doing what we all do best pushing that shutter button. I was shooting and getting shot from the left and from the right. The click-itty-click of the Bay Area Shutter Sisters in action was like music to my ears. Do you see all those smiles? Smiles big enough to spot even behind the body of a big old camera!




We shoot looking down and we shoot looking up…



 We shoot through car windows and across streets.

We shoot each other, shooting each other and we shoot ourselves.

We shoot our feet when they are on the ground.
 We shoot while trying to stay serious, then we throw caution to the wind and shoot as we laugh and allow our feet the leave the ground.


Saturday Market

Today, I will share a few of my favorite street shots from last weekend. We left Ross Alley and headed off to lunch. On the way, weaved in and out of the crowded sidewalks of a market area.


The produce and boxed goods provided great colors and some fantastic repetition. There were all ages of people going about their every day activities- shopping, selling, checking for winning lottery numbers…
I was hoping to not be too invasive with my camera as the locals went about their Saturday shopping, so most of these shots were taken blindly. I honestly wasn’t sure what I would get as I clicked off frame after frame.

Street photography like this is addictive. I can’t wait to get out and shoot like this again.

Seeing my Sisters


I don’t even know where to begin for this post, but I need to get things down before they totally slip from my memory. I started to write this and realized I have too many images to just toss up here all at once.I am going to try to break things down into visual bites.
I think the best and most appropriate place to start is by saying, a huge thank you to Holly for coming out west from Philly and giving an excuse for a gathering, to Kim for allowing me to crash at her lovely and cozy home, and to Hillary for her hospitality on Friday evening. I also want to give a shout out a certain girl who goes by the name of Smallroots. We shared some good ass margaritas and conversation, thanks girl, that meeting in real time was a long time coming!


I also need to say thank you to all of the amazing women who came out on Saturday. You all have no idea how full I am because of each of you. Your creativity online fuels me on a regular basis, meeting you in person was like rocket fuel for the soul.


I heard one thing being said over and over again as we walked along on Saturday, “I am with my people.”
It’s true, I felt so at home with all of you. When you hanging with other photographers there is no reason to explain yourself or your art. They understand when you have to lug around 5 (ahem, yes 5) different cameras, they get having to be down low or up high for ‘the shot’, or stopping randomly (usually mid sentence) when something catches your eye and you wander off. The “know”, there is a look that happens and everyone see it and understands. I was truly with “my people”, ‘my shutter sisters” on Friday and Saturday.

Friday evening was spent at Hillary’s beautiful home. We sipped wine, ate yummy cheese had a fantastic dinner and shared decadent desserts. We kept warm with the conversation and outdoor fire place. Chit-chatt went on seamlessly for several hours ranging from everything photography, life, and adventures of traveling… when you are around Holly and Jenny, you are bound to discuss world travel.


Saturday, the true adventured began as we crossed the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and found our way to Chinatown. I have so much more to share from the day. I will have a post a day for the next 4 or 5 days all about this amazing trip. It’s hard to believe I was only in Bay Area for just over 48 hours! Stay tuned.

golden gate