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A few months back I was asked to assist and take part in a very special photo shoot. I wasn’t the photographer, that was the lovely and talented, Kaylynne. I did get to photograph behind the scenes and meet a crew of people that I truly enjoyed. From the stylist, to the models, to the sweet women that make up OffTract I was filled up with creativity and inspiration. I also made a few friends (and saw a few that I hadn’t in many years, much to my surprise).


Meeting and working with the women of the OffTract blog was fantastic. I started talking with Anna, our kids went to the same elementary school when I was in Reno, so I would run into here some mornings. I told her I was very interested in contributing and participating with their blog. Lucky for me, she sent me a message last month and asked me to do a story about The Hours project I had been posting about.  Yesterday, my post went live. I hope you take a moment to click on over and read more about me and this fantastic photography project, and then make another click over to The Hours. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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Thanks again to the OffTract ladies for having me share. I hope I get to see you all this summer when I visit the biggest little city.

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Keep chasing the light,