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Language of Summer | From the Archives

Summer time stretches out in front of us with waves and wishes. Backyard, air conditioning , picnics, weddings, sun screen, beaches, camping, and adventure all become part of our summer time vernacular. The following words are from a few summers past, but they still hold true this time of year. Enjoy.Summer, you are leaving me… almost gone, but I am not done tasting you yet.

I know you are going, because the evenings are more watermelon juice drips then perspiration. I can feel it in the morning air as I stir awake, you smell different this time of year, not so sticky, yet sweet.

I can see it in the gentle way you hold the velvet brown mountain silhouette. The soft, sky touch that can only be yours.

The dark comes earlier, the blue mix with peaches that hang heavy  in the tree, ripe and ready and in the blushing of the leaves in the strong sycamore that shushes in the exhale.

I still have a few things left for you, summer. Summer don’t fall too quickly away…

Keep chasing the light my friends, Vanessa Simpson


This post was originally written and photographed by me for the Mortal Muses collaborative blog, and part of a new series I am calling, From the Archives. Source: Language of Summer | Mortal Muses

Film Friday – Seattle Streets

SeattleSignage (1 of 1) This sign pulled me in from down the street. The colors and the art, plus the yummy dappled sunlight coming through the trees. It developed a bit darker than I would have liked, but that is part of learning more about how my camera and film work together.

FIP (1 of 1)-5The same, but different. The repetition of the architecture here caught my eye.  I like how the top two windows are identical and the bottom two spaces are completely different.


Keep chasing that light and keep your rollers clean (that’s a Polaroid shooter’s joke),


Film Friday

Fifi moves fast, so capturing her on film can be a trick. Especially when I am shooting the Polaroid.
I cherish these images of her.
Giant leaves
Sand and surf
fall2013 (3 of 6)
Pouting about something on a log

Flowers on Film


Poppies are such a perfect subject for film. I usually shy away from photographing flowers, but these were just asking, dancing and swaying their sexy hips to be photographed.


Dressed in their delicate oranges and reds, I couldn’t say no. I had to get down on my knees, lean in and practically kiss their sweet petals.


Film Friday

One of my goals for 2013 was to shoot more film, specifically, at least 12 rolls/packs. Judging the fact that the fine folks at Gordon’s Photo know me by face, name and phone number, I think I am filling the quota, and then some. I took so many photos during our camp trip with both the Yashica LM and the Polaroid 103. It felt good to have time to play with the film cameras, so good that I didn’t have the DSLR out nearly as much as I normally would have on a a trip like this. I am learning so much as I challenge myself to use film. I see the light differently, I am getting how judge that light and adjust my aperture and shutter speeds accordingly. Not all my shots come out, the film gets jammed or doesn’t get loaded in the first place (phantom film makes me sad), or the counter doesn’t start and my frames get off, but I still like what I see for the most part.
Now where to start?
How about at the Half Moon Bay, down at the very windy beach? I used the Yashica for these two photos.
layers | yashica lm | lomo | vanessa simpson play | yashica lm | lomo | vanessa simpson
Then maybe a little bike riding down the camp ground’s “alley”? (Also shot these two using the Yashica)
 finding balance | yashica lm | lomo | vanessa simpson alley | yashica lm | lomo | vanessa simpson
I  was able to sneak in some quiet time alone on the beach and got these two shots with the Polaroid.
Feather | Polaroid 103 | Fuji Film FP-100C | Vanessa Simpson
Sandy | Polaroid 103 | Fuji Film FP-100C | Vanessa Simpson

I will be sharing more each Friday, and might be sneaking some images up on my Tumblr site, an.a.log, in the next few weeks. So stay tuned!