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Airport Antics – Family Photography at SeaTac Airport

So there we were, stuck at the airport as we waited for our delayed flight. It was rainy and the kids were getting a bit rummy. There is a point as a mom that you just say, what could it really hurt? and just let them turn the place into a playground. And, in an effort to not go a little crazy yourself, the camera comes out of the bag. It’s a win-win, really. airportantics-6-of-7airportantics_web-2-of-12 airportantics-3-of-7airportantics_web-1-of-12airportantics-1-of-7I love the drips on the window behind her. The style she has – those cat pants, I want a pair, and I love that she pairs glitter with stripes. And how can I not totally dig the window light on his face? Yeah, we got a few looks from other airport goers, but trust me- if this was the only ruckus they were causing, I’m totally cool with it.

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa

Rebecca & Taylor – Seattle Engagement Session

It’s engagement season! So many new shinny rings and glowing couples to feature lately. It’s all sorts of wonderful in my book.

I met up with Rebecca and Taylor during a photography conference last weekend. These two not only braved the rain, but 25 photographers aiming their cameras at them as they snuggled, jumped, laughed, and splashed their way through Seattle (all I could think about as we clicked our shutters was Lady Gaga’s song, Paparazzi… and yes, I really do have a running soundtrack in my head as I photograph clients).

Seattle engagement session Seattle engagement session Seattle engagement session Seattle engagement session Seattle engagement session Seattle engagement session Seattle engagement session Seattle engagement session Seattle engagement session

Rebecca and Taylor- your love is tangible. It was so fun to meet you both and capture these sweet moments of you.

Congratulations again on your engagement!

Keep chasing that light,


P.S. Thank you to Anita Martin Photography for teaching us about how you work with your couples, and to all the instructors, speakers, vendors, and people working hard behind the sense at this year’s Click Away !

Summer Traditions…

Ever since the kids were really little, we have made a tradition of spending the Fourth of July weekend in Greagle, California. Despite the miles between us now, we have managed to make it back to the Sierra Valley the past three summers.

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Gimme S’more

I heard today is National S’more Day. I sorta love that there is a day for everything, don’t you? Around here, we love to go camping partly for the sleeping under the stars and fresh air thing, and partly so we have an excuse to melt chocolate and catch things on fire thing… And as a result, I have a good collection of s’more-licious photos.
Here’s how we do things around here.

Step one, get a campfire going.
she's a camper FIP (24 of 31)Bonus points if people are playing guitar and singing together around said campfire.around the campfireStep two, gather your ingredients.mmmmmmStep three, make sure everyone has a good seat.189:366, getting dryStep four, get your pre-melt on. 168:365, smoresStep five, roast.roastingStep six, stack and squish. saturday night sweetsStep seven, EAT. 20120609-_MG_285220120609-_MG_285520120609-_MG_2853Keep chasing that light and your sweet-tooth!

Afternoon at the Arboretum – Seattle Family Photography

A few weeks ago I received an inquiry in my inbox saying, “Hi Vanessa, we are getting ready to relocate out of state next month, but are hoping to squeeze in a family session before we leave Seattle.” We quickly compared calendars, and we found a Sunday afternoon that worked for us. I love the Seattle Arboretum for family sessions, so much to explore and an added bonus for a warm day, shade!  A huge thank you to Thayer and Hayley for hiring me to mark this chapter of their lives; wishing you all the best on your move east!
FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0012We counted acorns, looked for Team Oomie Zoomie (way better than Pokemon!). I shared my instax-mini and the wonders of instant film with the kids, and then (when she refused to give me smile) I dared this little red head to a stink-eye contest… she totally nailed.FisherFam_WebReady (32 of 104)
FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0013How adorable are these kiddos? FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0010Mom and dad are gorgeous too, no?FisherFam_WebReady (62 of 104)And when the fussy starts (and you know the session is coming to an end) I have everyone join in and make crazy faces!FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0011

Keep chasing that light!


Long Weekend – Olympic National Park

Although my family and I recently celebrated our second year of living in Washington, we haven’t explored very much of this beautiful state that we now call home. Talking with friends and co-workers, we kept hearing about the Olympic Peninsula. We decided we really did need to get over there and check it our for ourselves.
UntitledAfter a bit of research, my husband discovered a campground, complete with hot springs and hiking. This sounded great to me! And that was how our first camp trip of 2016 happened. Even though I didn’t take my camera into the hot springs area (it felt too invasive of the other patrons privacy, and I just didn’t want to worry about it getting wet), I did have my cameras out for the other highlights of the weekend.
UntitledOne of the best parts of the weekend was the zero cell service in the Sol Duc Valley. Not being able to have the instant gratification of my iPhone and posting photos to Instagram was so very good for me. I put my phone away and I pulled out my Canon, a disposable camera, and my brand new toy- the Fuji Instax Mini 90. I had a blast testing out the light and the settings on this little point and shoot gem.

Here are a few of my favorites with the new camera: pastries from a pit-stop in Poulsbo, WA. This place is drooooool worthy and going to be a go to any time we head to the Peninsula! And a shot of my husband, in full “Camp Boss” mode.
HimIt felt really great to pick up the dSLR, and I am really happy with these family photos from the weekend.
20160415-IMG_8510Campfires, slug hunting, and reading about the story of Sol Duc hot springs.
20160416-IMG_8544 Putting his parkour training to use and exploring around the camp ground. 20160415-IMG_8521 A serious case of the giggles. 20160416-IMG_8557 More shenanigans, I guess all that fresh air makes us silly. She was a Ogg from the planet Ogg. UntitledAn iPhone snap taken while on the trail during my solo run, aptly named “Lover’s Loop”.
20160417-IMG_8566 20160417-IMG_8575 And finally, hiking in to Sol Duc Falls trail with my crew. The water was so powerful, loud and strong.20160417-IMG_8584 20160417-IMG_8593All in all, we enjoyed the camping, but decided next time we would probably make Sol Duc a day trip and not stay an entire weekend at the site. The hike to the falls was beautiful and a perfect length for the kids. I could see us doing a day hike ending in a good soak in the end.  This trip has me looking forward to the camping season this summer!! If you have any good spots for us to check out here in Washington, leave me a note in the comments!

Keep chasing that light,


Baby G – Tacoma Family Photography

You might remember in November I photographed a maternity session with Steph and Trav on Vashon Island. Well, their sweet baby boy made his appearance on the outside mid-December, (just missing my own birthday. December babies are the best, btw.) imageI was invited back to photography baby boy G and oh man, you guys, new babies are amazing. The squish faces and distinct cry of a two week old is pretty much enough to make me want another… and not want another all in one instant. How about you guys just keep having babies, and then call me in to photograph them? Sounds like a deal to me!imageimageimageSteph and Trav, thank you again for having me in your home during this super special time. It was and is an honor to have you as clients and to now call you friends. I can’t wait to watch this little dude grow. He is precious and perfect.image


Vashon Island Maternity Session

It was a rainy Saturday, and three high desert natives piled into a car and drove, er, floated onto Vashon Island. Don’t worry, this isn’t the beginning of a B horror movie, quite the opposite, it’s the beginning of one of my favorite family sessions to date. I have known Steph for several years via the magic of the internet. She and Travis recently moved to the area earlier this year from Utah, I was thrilled to have a new friend in real life- and even more thrilled that she asked me to capture this milestone for their family.  Steph and Travis are expecting their first baby next month. I loved getting to document them together, pre-baby, and I am so excited about getting to meet the new member of the family (on the outside) sometime next month!

StephTravis_FIP (16 of 98)StephTravis_FIP (98 of 98)StephTravis_FIP (9 of 98)Once we landed on the other side of the water, we drove a bit until we found a dead end road off the main drag. I think I am going to start to bring Steph with me on all my shoots; she has an amazing eye for locations! With her navigating, and her sweetheart at the wheel, we found this amazing little spot to take these photos. (How have I NOT been to Vashon yet?!) StephTravis_FIP (77 of 98)StephTravis_FIP (43 of 98)StephTravis_FIP (2 of 2)StephTravis_FIP (1 of 4)StephTravis_FIP (67 of 98)StephTravis_FIP (31 of 98)A huge thank you again to Steph and “Stink-Eye”-Travis for getting out in the rain, for riding the ferry, and for allowing me to photograph you together during this really special time.  I can’t wait to see the THREE of you soon!StephTravis_FIP (2 of 98)StephTravis_FIP (82 of 98)

xo, Vanessa